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October 25, 2010


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I know it’s been a while but believe me I have been working very hard lol indeed! A change is going to come soon…don’t know how I feel about it yet…I might have to delete all my previous posts snif and comments even more sniffles but have to figure out a way somehow! Tons of news lots to share but have to hold out just a little bit longer! I just wish that there was 36 hours in a day so I could accomplish everything that’s in my head lol….


August 21, 2010

Any ambanivohitra (The Country Side)

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Peachland/Summerland – BC – Summer 2010

Well here I am back again but at least still have a weekend to relax clean, cook and blog πŸ™‚ The one week break was great of course and as promised brought tons of pictures and wonderful memories. This post is going to be one of those long post that I will read later on let’s say in a year or 10 to 20 years from now and will reminisce the good times I was blessed to have. So that means I am planning to really stick to this blog no matter how slow I post and no matter how uninspired I would get πŸ™‚

We visited these charming small towns called Summerland and Peachland in BC during the mini-vacation and needless to say I fell in love with them. I wish we could have spent the rest of the summer there or the rest of the year why not? These two little towns really reminded me of the Malagasy country side where I used to roam around and cherish during school breaks. You see we spend most if not all of our school breaks at the country side. Most of the time we go to my mother native town and sometimes at my uncle or aunt’s farm in another city.

Oh the abundance of fruits, vegetables, rice, laughter, sunshine, games to name a few were my very found memories of the country side. You see my husband did not experience this so he took little interest to these two little towns we visited ahaha He grew up near the ocean so he loves water. He wanted to spend the whole week laying on the beach (a lake beach lol). Anyway these childhood memories in the country side were very much rekindled during our visit.

Apple Orchard and Farmer’s Market

The story that I often tell my husband (actually his favorite) is the “Grande Vacance” (equivalent to summer holiday) when we had to look after the my grandma’s ducks ahaha. My grandmother had about let’s say 60 or so ducks and geese, yes a lot! She was a farmer and the kindest woman I have ever known. When we come to visit her she would spoil us rotten ^_^ but my mother would insist that we (me and my little brother) were given a task (a real one) that could help her during her very busy day at the farm. So she decided under my mom’s supervision of course that we would look after the ducks and geese during the day. Boy we thought it would be a piece of cake and lots of fun but think again lol we were so wrong! We should have chosen looking after the cow or zebus lol So during the day, we have to let out these ducks/geese so that they can roam around, eat and have fun πŸ˜‰ The funniest and weirdest thing is that they know exactly where they were supposed to go once you open their gate and they form a single line to go to my grandma’s pond. They also know their way back and this is about 10 minutes walk!

We would bring with us some beans, corns, peanuts, cassava, etc to be pealed or variety of other little tasks that we could do while we are looking after the ducks. We would also take care of getting food to be cooked for dinner πŸ™‚ My grandma’sΒ  little pond where the ducks and geese would spend the day is actually near riceΒ  and vegetable fields so our task is to make sure that the ducks/geese do not cross over the pond and go to these fields. That was not an easy task because the ducks/geese loved to tease us especially when they were more than 60 of them and also some of the rice/vegetable fields were not ours but of other families so we had to be extra vigilant. We tried to make the best out of it and had the most fun times because there were so many fruit trees around. We had guavas, peaches, avocados, apples, tomatoes, etc for snacks and we would create many different kind of little games while chasing after the ducks/geese.We are usually very tired by the end of the day and have the best night’s sleep. This was helpful for my mom because we were very afraid of the dark and believe me it is oh so very dark over there as there is no electricity!

Quail’s Gate and Jackson Triggs wineries

Another thing that truly make me reminisce the time I spent in my mother’s native town is the quality of food. It was always a simple meal, nothing fancy but were the tastiest meals I have had. My parents would tell us that this is because the meals are cooked on wood fire. I would like to believe so but I think freshness has a lot to do with it as well.Β  As I said above, we were also responsible of getting food to be cooked for dinner. This was not like the ducks/geese business as it was quite an easy task but also very enjoyable. We would pick some peas, carrots, onions, tomatoes, potatoes, etc and thanks to my mother who is creative and a great cook she would always come up with something wonderful for dinner.

We also learned the hard work and dedication that comes with farming as we get our hand dirty especially during harvesting. One particular time I remember regarding this is when we peeled cassavas, baskets upon baskets of them! You know in order to store these cassavas which would be the replacement of rice (a Malagasy staple) during winter time you have to peel the outer skin (not the whole skin) and dry them so that it can be stored for a long time. During cassava harvest time, you will see all the villages’ balconies and porches full of them! Every morning we would get a cassava peeling assignment and I remember one day I managed to peel 10 baskets of cassavas (with help lol) wow I was so proud of myself and I also said goodbye to my cute and neatly manicured city hand ahaha.

I almost forgot to mention as well that there was no running water in the village (or the whole town lol). We usually had to get water from a fountain, yes a real one and far far away! This means there were no wells either. It would take about a good 20 minutes walk to get there but I was always amazed by the strength of these women carrying the big bucket of water on their head, that takes mad skills my friends πŸ˜‰ For our case it was my uncle (the youngest of the family) who took care of that job thank goodness. My grandma had a big wine barrel in her kitchen and my uncle has to fill it with drinking water every morning and in the afternoon. So it took him many trips to the far away fountain with buckets upon buckets on his head to fill this barrel. That is when we also learned the value and preciousness of water as we would not even imagine spoiling away drinking water because it was so hard to get in the first place.

Glorious Apples!

That was just a glimpse of these fond memories I had spent during school breaks in the Malagasy country side but there are many more and maybe I will keep those for other blog posts πŸ˜‰ While in Peachland/Summerland I realized how fond I am of the country side and that I learned so much during these times. I learned how to share my mofogasy (a Malagasy specialty bread/cake) with a dozen of my cousins, learned that I cannot climb trees no matter how hard I tried (but bribed my cousins to get the best fruits for me lol) but I also learned that life can be as simple asΒ  you would like it to be and you can or should be happy with that.

August 2, 2010

A little piece of heaven…

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Emerald Lake – Yoho National Park – Summer 2010

Summer time…photography in full swing πŸ™‚ Things are going well so far but of course there are few bumps on the road but we should all keep smiling and keep the high spirit as long as we can and when we can’t or just about to give it all up get a large green tea Frappuccino from Starbucks with full whip and I think things might go smoothly…If that doesn’t help then a bowl of choco-mint ice cream or drive to your nearest Gelato joint ^_^ Well if worse comes to worse there is always apple Martinis πŸ˜‰

Let’s end this post on a sweet note, I am going away for a week (yayyy) next month for the sole purpose of Photography. I am trying very hard to look for a suitable look for this blog as coming this fall I would like to take this photography seriously…(maybe a portfolio?)Β  until then we shall see πŸ™‚

That picture up there, Emerald Lake, is “my” little piece of heaven…after a few hour’s drive it was really worth it! I haven’t felt the way I felt when I stepped out of the car in a long long time. It felt like I was floating, it was better than the first sip of Green Tea Frappuccino, way better than the last spoon-full of choco-mint ice cream or coconut gelato and yes believe or not better than apple Martinis πŸ˜‰

May 25, 2010

What’s up?

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Aaaaah no picture today lol….but a lot of news!!! To sum it all up I am smiling just like my name πŸ™‚

I came back from my mini-vacay from the West Coast, it was fabulous (of course it’s a vacay!). Now I am refreshed and smiling.

I got a new job, not the one I really wanted but in my book change is always good especially with better pay lol so I am smiling.

We finally like really really f-i-n-a-l-l-y moved in to our new house πŸ™‚ Exciting! I am going to miss my mom’s “godrogodro” and “couscous” (and many other things lol) though *sigh* but I am still smiling.

I am so into blogging more than ever πŸ™‚ I gotta laugh lol (not smiling anymore) I feel the need for a new layout actually. So bear with me for few weeks lol I mean it!

I am so into photography more than ever πŸ™‚ Of course I always am when spring/summer rolls in! Obviously I am smiling now.

I am creating a Malagasy recipes book (not like a real book lol but you know something fun/creative and homemade). I will take a pic of it and what’s inside when it’s done in like hmm few months. That is something to smile about isn’t it πŸ™‚

Speaking of recipes…I have been cooking a LOT lately. I have made homemade quiche, souffle, strawberry mascarpone tart, banana muffin, banana bread, spanish style chicken and chorizo sausage stew to name a few last week. Yes you read it right last week lol, girlfriend totally got her inner Martha Stewart unleashed! On top of those (yes I am gloating shame on me lol) I cooked complete Malagasy meals (rice, laoka, lasary,dessert) made lunches for my hubby and myself everyday not only last week. Next week, I am going to tackle tiramisu, korean beef BBQ and paella. I’ll post some pics of those dishes soon.PS: Hubby cleans, I cook yes people there is no “i” in teamwork ahahaha…

Smile πŸ™‚

May 3, 2010

Quench my thirst!

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Fort Lauderdale – Florida – December 2007

I need this, I want that! Need need want want lol….

I need a vacation and that is definitely becoming a necessity right now for the sake of my sanity! I took one day off work so far this year…pretty good huh? Well except that day off was because I was sick and I went to the doctor’s.

I want a strawberry Bellini yum!

I need to hang those pictures frames at our house, rake the garden, assemble the new BBQ, etc

I want to start on my BIG humongous scrapbook/artsy photo albums project. Well at least I finally printed those 530 (and more) pictures. PS: I wanted to print some of those pictures like hmm 2 years ago and never got to it until last week ahaha. It was not so fun explaining to my hubby how much I spent on printing photos and oh I still need to spend some more to buy scrapbook stuffs lol.

I need to run! I haven’t run since fall last year. I haven’t exercised in a long long while either (I cannot even remember when was the last time snif).

I want to wake up at 6 or 6:30 am and do some Pilate workout before going to work. Muahahaha. I have been saying this for the past 4 months and it hasn’t happened yet!

I need to be motivated to take some pictures again. Well no worries on this one because it will happen next week πŸ™‚ I am taking a mini-vacay for some very needed and well deserve break. Lol oh yes I pat myself on the back a lot!

I want to sleep 8 hours a day. Dream on sugah dream on…’cuz that ain’t gonna happen πŸ˜‰

April 11, 2010

Positivity :-)

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Santa Cruz – California – Summer 2009

Things have been looking much better lately, just like the picture above! That is one of my most cherished and most favorite place on earth! It is located at this tiny little village (if I can even call it that) in Santa Cruz California. It is beautiful, breathtaking and very romantic although my hubby wasn’t there with me. I promise to myself that one day I will visit that place again with him and maybe with our little bambino or bambina lol?

Anyway, I have applied for other jobs. No replies so far but there is hope and I am so glad I have taken the matters with my own hand and brain πŸ˜‰ We also got possession of our new home recently! It is a blessing really and after much stress and aaaaaah it is now somewhat all going smoothly.

I have also found a new “idol” or this lady is like my “hero”. I love her ahahaha as much as I love Carrie Bradshaw (also my hero lol) although these two women I think have very very different personalities. Anyway her “web” name is “La Tartine Gourmande”. So please google her, she has a website/blog and a flickr page. She is just like the french version of “Nigella Lawson” whom I also admire very much! You know these ladies except for Carrie Bradshaw because she is fictional lol, are those types of ladies that I aspire to be when I grow up lol. Dream on eh? They are like perfection, how do they stay in shape, very beautiful, very pretty and make these delicious made from scratch yummy dishes while they have kids and a hubby in tow.

“La Tartine Gourmande” is also a food stylist/professional food photographer needless to explain why I love her! She also does an amazing job of course πŸ˜‰ Anyway she really inspires me, not only for the cooking but for continuing to blog and re-kindling my passion for photography which has been on hiatus lately because of the chaotic stress with the new house.Β  Oh speaking of cooking and food, I failed that non processed foodΒ  for 30 days pledge lol. I also gained a few pounds tsss.Β  Other than that, I am much more relaxed and really hopeful!

April 6, 2010

10 Years Hourrah!

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Christmas 2009 – At home

So it will be exactly 10 years from tomorrow that my family and I (lol) have decided to immigrate to Canada. Here here everyone!!! Let’s all have a toast and it’s on me πŸ˜‰ It is amazing how time flies, I mean really I am getting old…er and I hope wiser as well. I have so much in my head right now that I don’t know where to start or what to say. The 10 year anniversary was actually not the topic I was going to talk about today but nonetheless I thinkΒ  there are something worth mentioning such as oh the random things I never liked (because hate is a strong word lol) about Canada or Canadians and what about the things I love because I’ve got plenty of those too! So here we go:

I hate cookies, really I do. I thought cookies were “biscuit” you know those thingsΒ  Canadian calls umm tea cookies or granny tea cookies lol. Yep those ones I like, the one I grew up with not those big humongous chocolate chip or whatever they call cookies!

I feel the same for muffins ahaha…You know I tried to like this stuff, it was funny how people drool over and gosh always (I mean ALWAYS) gloat onΒ  how they made this amazing homemade banana nut/chocolate chip/bla bla muffins lol I just sort of laugh inside every time I hear that. I just do not find it that tasty even homemade and all.

and here we go the biggest one of all, this one really makes me wonder like WTF and how on earth do I tolerate and survive the 6 to 8 months (or more snif) winter grrrrrr why oh why? Call me whatever, big whiny baby I could care less! How about you drag you a** out here in the freezing -30 degree Celsius or the never ending slushies of snow pile (it lasts for months!) or better yet crazy blizzard then yaaa I’ll start calling you a big whiny baby too. Oh I forgot to mention, I don’t do winter sport ahaha maybe that’s got something to do with this big hate huh?

How about some love now huh? Little TLC time for the big 10 year anniversary huh? Well I love love love the Canadian Rockies. I think it is one of the most wonderful, picturesque, breathtaking places on earth. You really have to be there to believe it because I still think that pictures just do not do justice to its beauty whatsoever.

I also love summer here πŸ™‚ It almost makes up for the dreadful winter. Wait you know what? It does!

I like the people as well lol I like their warm fuzziness of over caring, over apologizing, over pretending to listen and fake smiles . Yep those come in handy when times are rough…Oh oh ahaha I used to despise this but over time I think I muttered this sentence more often that I thought I should allow myself in a lifetime…You know the “Oh wow you guys this has been so great we totally should do this again sometimes” AHAHAHA I’m sorry I can go on forever on this topic but just lemme stop.

I like our health care system, yep that’s right take that!

I also like poutine lol go Google it πŸ™‚

Umm what else? Personality wise…I think that I have changed over the years. Oh no! I have become like them ahahaha! It is amazing how I can keep a straight face and have the most caring and empathetic voice when someone is yelling at me on the phone for absolutely the silliest reason but better yet I can do this face to face now. I own up to my mistakes like a good Canadian, apologize thousandth of times and try to make everything better (the keyword is try). I was always fascinated and still am on how do they have such patience because the Malagasy in me would have snapped right after the 30 sec mark of the conversation lol I mean who has time for this ish right? This is just not about work it’s really everything. Anyway what I mean is that I don’t think I can live in a big city like New York nor Paris nor Tokyo those are a bit too rough and too real for me I think. However, I also do not want to retire in Wisconsin lol! I would like the middle pfff don’t we all? I like politeness to a certain level, I like the country but I still want my H&M and Zara close to me. Get it? No? That’s ok me neither lol

I also like the fact well it’s not really about liking or not, it’s just comforting that career wise and well life in general is calm, sometimes exciting and there any many windows of possibility meaning really the sky is the limit that is if you are not afraid of heights!

I love also the fact that my old neighborhood had a mosque, a Vietnamese temple and a baptist church right next to each other πŸ™‚

Well to close this off I am sorry (see apologizing again lol) I did become like them because now I am going to have to gloat, the shy little Malagasy is still there but not for this last paragraph. I LOVE the diversity here! I mean we have it all!!! Name any nationality and I bet you they are here right in my city. We have a China Town, a little Italy, India Town, Eastern European Town (not officially called that but hey!), etc I can go sample just about any cuisine the world have to offer right here. Sounds a lot like New York or Paris doesn’t it? All immigrants also have all the right and means to shoot for the stars! Sounds a lot like the American dream doesn’t it? You can be as black as you want, as yellow as you want, as white as you want, as purple and all the colors of the rainbow with the different outfits/customs and as much as you want! AND you will be accepted with big open arms. In all the offices of the company that I work at there are at least and I mean the very least 5 to 8 different nationalities and no they are not the janitors lol they do have the top jobs! I often asked myself what is being Canadian? I think after 10 years I may have one answer to that question: it is just being yourself plus the over-apologizing/eh/overly caring and polite/etc personality πŸ˜‰ There is not exactly such thing as being Canadian (my opinion).Β  My dad has to have his ranon’apango every day but boy does he love his hockey!

That’s all folks! Just don’t forget drinks are on me tomorrow πŸ˜‰

March 18, 2010

~ la la la ~

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“Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too”

Daughters – John Mayer

February 26, 2010

Personal Pledge

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Pike Place Market – Seattle, WA

Farmer’s Market – I’ll visit them more often this summer!

I *insert my name here* shall not eat processed food again in the next 30 days. Hopefully this pledge will go on for another 3 months then maybe 1/2 a year and aaaah….Hopefully just a faint of hope I would be able to extremely cut down to the minimal-est (lol) level my intake of processed food this year and many years to come (why not?). So here’s to “Hopefully” everyone!

PS: I finally watched “Food Inc.” phewww wow just wow

PPS: No I am not going to be a vegetarian nor vegan yet (hmm Good Heavens!) but I will try to my damnest ability and my wallet share (lol) to buy “organic” meat.

PPPS (hahaha) : This is NOT a joke! I will give you an update in exactly 30 days ok?

February 17, 2010


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Beacon Hill Park – Victoria BC

Aza misy miteniteny…

Work: Blah

Moral: Blah

Life: Somewhat blah

Things are blah

Need to reconfigure things out

Some say quiet is good and I say I miss the Spice Girls because I really really wanna zigazig ha!

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